Training of Trainers on Local Climate Action in Diani


A key component of the V-LED project is capacity development. Each of the target countries is developing toolkits and a series of trainings to integrate climate change into local planning.

In Kenya the V-LED capacity building package consists of two different but linked products. First, a toolkit for CSOs and community leaders that illustrates how to develop practical, bankable climate actions. Second, a guideline for local governments that clarifies the roles and mandates of different government levels in the Kenyan multi-level climate governance system. In total, about 160 people will be trained based on the two products.

A three day training of trainers in Diani from November 30 to December 2, marked the start of a series of trainings on local climate action in Kwale County. The training piloted and co-created the local climate action toolkit with members of the CSO network Kwale County Natural Resource Network (KCNRN), journalists and community mobilizers.

The workshop equipped participants with practical tools and guidelines on how to develop local climate change projects, as well as on how to train others to use these methods. This, among others, included modules on conducting vulnerability and capacity assessments and designing work and budget plans, but also modules that inspired to think outside the box – such as a module on solutions based approaches to climate change, community mobilisation and activism and climate change and entrepreneurship.

Above all, through its participants, the workshop highlighted the wealth of local knowledge and climate solutions that already exist in Kwale. Those will greatly benefit the local anchoring and finalization of the climate action toolkit that we are looking forward to sharing next year!