01.04.2020 | If urbanisation drives climate change, then mitigating the dangerous effects of global warming must address how we plan, build and live in cities. Implementing bold national plans requires active cross-sector coordination and collaboration between the local, regional and national governments.



Financing Local Climate Action in South Africa

08.01.2018 | A recent V-LED dialogue event in South Africa highlighted innovations and constraints for local climate finance.




How civil society in Kwale is shaping environmental law making

26.09.2017 | In Kenya, the Kwale County Natural Resource Network has become a key grassroots stakeholder in promoting the sustainable management of natural resources at the local level.



Strengthening South African local government capacity for climate change mitigation

28.07.2017 | The Sustainable Energy Africa team reflects on its' achievements in strengthening local capacities and multi-level cooperation for climate change mitigation.



Reflections on Habitat III

23.11.2016 | Scott Muller from LEDS GP draws out key messages from Habitat III, the New Urban Agenda, and V-LED’s event on multi-level governance for inclusive, climate resilient urbanisation.



Want a climate solution? Start talking

08.11.2016 | With the Paris Agreement now almost a year old, the next big word is implementation. But just how do countries make good on their climate pledges? One option is to start talking.



Navigating the Grid – A Dialogical Approach to Multi-Level Climate Governance

26.07.2016 | To act on climate change we need to address the dialogue gap. Experiences from the Climate Dialogue- (2013-15) and V-LED- (2015-19) project.



Why vertical policy coordination is key for climate action at county level in Kenya

03.05.2016 | As climate change effects escalate in Kenya, national and county level governments must coordinate to develop processes to support climate resilient development.



How can multi-level policy coordination support NDC implementation in the Philippines?

06.04.2016  | Conclusions of V-LED events in the Philippines show that there is a need for increased capacity building for local governments and multi-level policy coordination to effect climate action.  



From „What?” to “How?”: Encouraging Dialogue on Municipal Climate Action

18.12.2015 | In dealing with climate change we are facing the challenge of a transformation to sustainability. What needs to be done?