• Blog: Climate Action 2020 - How Can We Push For Ambition?


    Urban transformation is a global imperative. Urban areas are simultaneously producers of up to two-thirds of all GHG emissions and first responders on the frontlines to climate change impacts. Transitioning to zero-carbon, climate resilient cities with strong protections for the urban poor requires bold national policies and strong collaboration across sectors and government levels.

    Towards a Multilevel Action COP26

  • Blog: In the Face of an Urban Climate Emergency, Collaborate!


    If urbanisation drives climate change, then mitigating the dangerous effects of global warming must address how we plan, build and live in cities. Implementing bold national plans requires active cross-sector coordination and collaboration between the local, regional and national governments.

  • V-LED Synthesis Report: Entry Points to Support Collaborative Climate Action


    The IPCC special report on global warming of 1.5°C reaffirms the urgency of the Paris Agreement. To avoid dangerous consequences, global greenhouse gas emissions must reach net-zero by 2050. While the international UNFCCC climate regime has managed to orchestrate national climate commitments, current national mitigation targets fall well short of achieving the low-carbon transformation.

  • V-LED Southeast Asia Lessons Learnt Workshop


    We are thrilled to announce the V-LED Southeast Asia Lessons Learnt Workshop: “Moving forward climate action of cities in Vietnam and the Philippines”. The event will reflect on four years of V-LED working on multi-level climate governance and local climate action.

  • EVENT: V-LED Lessons Learnt in Kenya


    As a final event in Kenya, V-LED is convening stakeholders from local communities and civil society, county and national governing officials and the private sector to discuss multi-level climate governance and ways forward. This day-long ‘Lessons Learnt’ event on Nov 8 in Kwale County, will reflect on four years of project operations and prompt participants to identify good practices and objectives to continue pursuing.

  • EVENT: Sustainably thriving: investing in climate resilient communities in Kwale County, Kenya


    Stakeholders from county and national government, civil society, and the private sector will gather on November 7 to discuss financing for local climate action and multi-level governance of climate change in Kenya. The event is the first of two workshops marking the conclusion of the V-LED project in Kenya and includes the launch of two key project publications.