New Partnership for Local Climate Action in Kwale


The V-LED team is exited to partner up with the Imarisha Vijana Initiative to stimulate local climate action in Kwale.

With  the Kuza Project in Mombasa, funded by UKAid and implemented by Adam Smith International, the Imaarisha Vijana Initiative has tackled youth unemployment in the city though strengthening youth entrepreneurship, among other in waste recycling. The project team has also gained a lot of experiences in working closely with the Mombasa County Government and they have supported cross-learning between Mombasa County and its neighbours Kwale and Kilifi; participating and providing inputs to the V-LED Good Practice Exchanges, Vertical Dialogues and the Training of Trainers around best practices between the county government of Kwale and Mombasa.       

The  Imaarisha Vijana Initiative team will partner with ILEG and the Kwale County Natural Resource Network (KCNRN) to support the V-LED project activities in Kwale. Together with ILEG, the team will train members of the network and local communities on how to develop local climate action projects and closely engage with the County Government of Kwale to support the development of an enabling policy framework for climate action. We are looking forward to the collaboration!