Adaptation or Maladaptation - Unpacking Coastal Climate Change Response Strategies in Kwale County


Kenya’s coastal zones are highly vulnerable to climate change. Sea level rise, erosion, increasing water temperatures and more frequent storm surges already put coastal infrastructure, the livelihood of coastal communities and marine ecosystems at risk.

Innovative approaches towards adapting to the negative effects of climate change are urgently needed. But what strategies enhance resilience of coastal areas in the long run? Might some even have little or no impact? Planning across time scales is crucial: there is indeed the risk, that initiatives foster adaptation in the short term, but are ineffective or even harmful in the long-term. This risk of “maladaptation” needs to be taken into account in local climate response planning.

To address this issue with stakeholders from the Kwale county and national government, CSOs and communities; ILEG is hosting a:

Vertical Dialogue Event: “Adaptation or Maladaptation - Unpacking Coastal Climate Change Response Strategies”

5 December 2017, 08:00-13:00

Kaskazi Beach Hotel, Diani Beach, Kwale County, Kenya


Addressing adaption and maladaptation in coastal climate change projects will also be the theme of a training workshop hosted by ILEG and the Imaarisha Vijana Initiative as an in-depth follow up of the dialogue event.

Communities in Kwale are already significantly affected by climate change. Access to water is for example a pressing challenge that is often addressed by constructing more boreholes as an adaption measure. Can these adaptation measures strengthen climate change resilience in the long term?

The training event will unpack the “do’s and don’ts” of adaptation to climate change in coastal Kenya and support participants to develop ideas for bankable climate change projects in Kwale.

The training will be co-facilitated by representatives of the Kwale County Natural Resource Network who participated in the initial V-LED training of trainers on local climate action in Kwale in 2016.

Training Event: “Developing Climate Change Projects in Coastal Kenya – Addressing Adaptation and Maladaptation”

6 –7 December 2017

Kaskazi Beach Hotel, Diani Beach, Kwale County, Kenya.