Lisa Strauch

Project Manger at adelphi


Lisa is a social scientist with a background in development studies and applied research. Her main  interest are in the field of  urban social and environmental justice. In the V-LED project she works on communication and research and supports general project activities.

Throughout her professional and academic career, Lisa has focused on issues related to climate resilience, urban informality and local governance. Recently she worked with the NGO consortium “Partners for Resilience” in Nicaragua, where she evaluated the programs’ impact on strengthening the resilience of vulnerable rural communities.

As part of a university research project, she carried out a six-month empirical research project on socio-spatial segregation and the development of informal settlements in Lima, Peru. Moreover, she completed internships at the GIZ in Bonn and the Peruvian NGO Foro Ciudades para la Vida in Lima, focussing on issues of decentralisation and local governance as well as sustainable urban development.

Next to her work at adelphi she coordinates the NGO 24GoodDeeds that focuses on innovative and transparent fundraising mechanisms for environmental and humanitarian projects.

Lisa completed a master’s degree in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She previously completed her bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Political Science at Maastricht University.