Good practice exchange – technologies for solid waste management in Vietnam


The 2010 report from United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) indicated that solid waste management is always one of the five greatest challenges for city managers; it also affects sustainable development but gets less attention than other challenges. In Vietnam, according to the survey conducted by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, nearly 70% of cities identified solid waste management as one of the key issues in environmental protection. 

With the objective of supporting the government of Vietnam to address the challenges in urban areas, V-LED hosted a workshop titled “Innovative Technological Solution of Solid Waste Management Toward Low-Carbon Economy” in Hanoi on 1 October 2018.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To provide participants with updated information and knowledge on status of solid waste treatment in Vietnam's urban and rural areas, particularly (i) investment and (ii) technology that may support the national and local government on resilience building and low emission development initiatives; 
  • To share innovative and successful models of solid waste treatment in urban and rural areas, toward circulating (ecological) and low-carbon economy; 
  • To discuss the existing issues on solid waste treatment: ineffectiveness and waste of resources; 
  • To propose locally appropriate technologies for the state management of solid waste treatment; and
  • To contribute to the global discussion happening on the occasion of World Habitat Day celebrated this year on the 1st of October on the theme Municipal Solid Waste Management.

The half-day event included participants from national ministries, development agencies, donors, research institutes, community organisations and private sector stakeholders.