Expert Roundtable on multi-level climate governance in Viet Nam


Viet Nam is particularly vulnerable to climate change given its densely populated coastline and increasingly intense typhoons and flooding. Such vulnerability demands a transformative and coordinated response from all levels of government and across private and public sectors in the country.

What types of horizontal and vertical coordination across and between different levels of government enable sub-national governments to implement climate change actions in Vietnam? 

How can non-governmental actors (e.g. civil society, private sector) be effectively engaged in implementing and shaping climate action?

In response to these pressing questions, V-LED hosted an expert roundtable about multi-level climate governance in Viet Nam. The event will took place on the 7th of August in Ha Noi.

For the past two years, V-LED has been facilitating dialogue and capacity building across government levels and stakeholder sectors. Simultaneously V-LED researchers have been examining existing mechanisms of multi-level climate governance with emphasis on which successful practices might be replicable and scalable. The results will be published in a Viet Nam country study, highlighting ‘entry points’ for future climate action.

At the roundtable, experts from government, civil society, and development partners were presented with and responded to the initial findings of the project. Their feedback and insights will be incorporated into the final study report.