Dialogue Event on Sustainable Energy in Kwale County


On 19th June 2018 approximately 20 stakeholders from government and civil society gathered to discuss energy planning and governance in the context of climate change and Kenya´s clean energy target´s and low-emission development strategies. The event, titled “Energy and Climate Change Mitigation: Advancing deployment of clean and energy-efficient technologies” was organised by the Institute for Law and Environmental Governance (ILEG) and the Kwale County Natural Resource Network.

Bringing together a diverse group of participants from national as well as county government, civil society, and local community organisations, the event facilitated vertical dialogue between stakeholders at different levels of climate governance and action. This exchange of experience, knowledge, and ideas on equal footing is a key methodology of the V-LED project.

The event sought to increase knowledge regarding Kenya’s clean energy transmission and address challenges that local stakeholders face in adopting new technologies and scaling up projects. Detailed in ILEG´s event concept note the workshop had the following specific objectives:

  • To discuss opportunities and constraints associated with energy transitions at the local level;
  • To recommend tools and approaches to breaking down policy barriers to investment in clean and energy-efficient technologies;
  • To showcase experiences from research, field projects and best practice on clean and energy-efficient technologies;
  • To network the participants and foster collaboration.

With presentations on national, county, and private sector initiatives, participants were briefed on the latest clean energy policies and available technologies before discussing challenges they faced and learning from highlighted success stories.