Increasing Finance for Local Climate Action: The Kenyan County Climate Change Funds


The V-LED Real Practice study series and audio features respond to the demand for real-life examples and practical knowledge about multi-level climate governance and collaborative action in countries around the world.

Kenya has pioneered a climate change governance mechanism to increase finance for local climate action.


The Kenyan County Climate Change Fund (CCCF) consists of climate legislation enacted by county governments and a county-controlled fund that finances climate projects identified and prioritised by local communities. Originally designed by a multi-stakeholder coalition with the objectives of increasing capacity for local development planning and channelling climate finance to some of Kenya’s most vulnerable regions, the CCCF evolved to encompass mitigation measures and effectively influenced national climate policy. The CCCFs are now a key component in a comprehensive national planning and financing framework that strengthens capacity and channels finance to community-driven climate action priorities. This study presents the very practical elements that can make this strategy successful.

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Listen to Victor Orindi, Researcher with the Adaptation (ADA) Consortium and Lead Author of the Real Practice Study on the Kenyan County Climate Change Funds (CCCFs), which explains how they function and highlighting lessons for other countries.



The Fund Components


The Challenges


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