Facilitating Climate Change Planning in Diverse Regions: The Regional Climate Change Nodes in Colombia


The V-LED Real Practice study series and audio features respond to the demand for real-life examples and practical knowledge about multi-level climate governance and collaborative action in countries around the world.


Colombia’s Regional Climate Change Nodes are shaping integrated climate responses by different levels of government.

Colombia’s Regional Climate Change Nodes are the country’s flagship regional governance mechanisms to deliver climate change policy that integrates different levels of government. Currently, each of the nine Nodes is at a unique stage of development. While the Nodes have great potential to deliver on the promise to advance concerted climate solutions by different government levels and actors, they are currently not achieving a transformative impact due to a number of barriers. This study offers insight into the Nodes’ practical experiences, lessons and recommendations.

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Listen to Rocio Rodríguez Granados, Researcher at Fondo Acción and Lead Author of the Real Practice Study on the Colombian Regional Climate Change Nodes.


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