The Project

Climate action on the ground

Local governments are crucial to addressing climate change. As frontline responders to the effects of global warming, they create sustainable development pathways and opportunities for resilient communities. The climate actions of cities and regions are vital to pioneering transformative decarbonisation processes and achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement, but we must join forces across governing levels to ratchet up efforts and bring successful initiatives to scale.

The Vertical Integration and Learning for Low-Emission Development (V-LED) project works with municipalities, counties and the national government in Kenya and South Africa, supporting governance processes to unlock climate action potential where it matters most: on the ground. We support municipal and county governments to achieve strategic and legislative milestones that empower them to become key climate change actors.

Objective: Strengthen enabling frameworks for local climate action

The V-LED project partners have worked with our government counterparts for many years and since 2015, we have implemented different dialogue, capacity development and global advocacy measures. Our current milestones are:

The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) as part of its International Climate Initiative. It runs until 2021.