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EVENT: V-LED Africa Workshop on Local Climate Finance and Action

The V-LED Africa Regional Workshop "Localising Climate Finance and Action" is taking place from 23 - 25 April 2018 in Irene, South Africa. The collaborative workshop will focus on learning and exchange on local climate action for the achievement of the NDCs, local climate finance, multi-level climate governance and hands-on solutions.


EVENT: Local Climate Planning & Action Training for Philippine LGUs

An intensive capacity-building activity was held for five Philippine cities last month to guide them through the steps of formulating their respective Local Climate Change Action Plans (LCCAPs) and linking it to the broader context of their cities’ development.


EVENT: The Role of Climate Resilient Sustainable Development in Integrated Development Planning in South Africa

On March 15th, OneWorld in partnership with the City of Joburg, is convening a V-LED Good Practice Exchange workshop to advance the integration of climate resilient environmental sustainability in the city’s forthcoming Integrated Development Plan.


EVENT: Financing Local Climate Action in Coastal Kenya

On 5 & 6 March 2018 two V-LED events are coming up in Kenya that will address the issue of climate finance.